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Cat of the Day
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Tucker, the Cat of the Day
Name: Tucker
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cat
Home: Frisco, Texas, USA
   Tucker started life as a Barn Cat - from my daughters litter of cats at her farm in Hagerman, New Mexico. Tucker is My Rock!! It is just he and I now and he is great company! He does not like to sit by me as I wish he would, but he sleeps on his own pillow next to me every night. The only time he lets me hold him is when I have been gone all day and come in late, he will meet me at the door and wants me to stand and hold him tight and he will talk to me for a little while.

    My daughter brought him to me when he was just old enough to drink and eat on his own. My granddaughter named him Tucker, because he looked like he had a tuxedo on. I love his long white whiskers and eyebrows. I also Love his white belly when he lays on his back, which he knows is a weakness of mine, as I want to lay by him and rub it.

    Tucker is a very finicky eater!! He loves fresh chicken and fish - if the crust is taken off and crumbled up. But he does NOT like canned fish of any kind! And he gets tired of chicken and turkey if fed more than once a week! He is very finicky! And yes, he loves to lay on the table when I am writing or reading my Bible. The kitten picture was when he was about two months old - the rest are within the last two years.

Tucker, the Cat of the Day
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Tucker, the Cat of the Day
Tucker, the Cat of the Day

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