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Joolz, the Cat of the Day
Name: Joolz
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Persian, Himalayan mix
Home: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
   Joolz is a beautiful and funny cat. She's my boyfriend's cat actually, which makes her my step-cat and step sister to my cat, Catastrophe.

    I won't lie, the introduction was rough; there was a lot of hissing, spitting, peeing outside the box, chasing, swatting and marking of territory. It's taken eleven months, but they now tolerate each other... most of the time. Through it all though, no matter how much they chased and beat up each other during the day, they both share the bed with us at night and there's never been a problem. We call it the Demilitarized Zone!

    Joolz is very sociable and loves people, as long as you don't touch her or pick her up; when you do, she makes a huge fuss and tries to get away. This makes daily brushing a challenge, but we do our best and pay the professionals to come and do it every six weeks. It's worth it though - look at how pretty she is with all her Floof!!!

    That's one of the nicknames I've given her: Floofy, Floofy Butt, and her full name: Countess Floofy von Grumpy Butt (CFVGB for short ;). She's not really grumpy, but she looks like she is because of the low brow she has. She cuddled with me in bed for the first time ever a few weeks ago so I snapped a picture. Good thing I did, since she hasn't done it since.

    I didn't want to fall in love with Joolz when she moved in, but darnitalltoheck, I did. Catastrophe is my first love of course, seeing as we've been together for fourteen years now, but Joolz is a great girl and I'm very happy and lucky to have her in my life.

Joolz, the Cat of the Day
Joolz, the Cat of the Day

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