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Frieda, the Cat of the Day
Name: Frieda
Age: 2.5 years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Maine Coon Cat
Home: Bahretal, Saxony, Germany
   This pretty Maine Coon cat, first name Frieda, came to our cattery on July 30th, 2011.

    We didn't plan to get her but we couldn't say no when we found her on a website list of another cattery. She loves to eat. Nobody is faster at the food place when it is dinner time. The other cats like Leo and Lea, don't care much about it. They know there is enough food for everyone. Frieda is a very good representative of her breed. She has a very unique and egocentric character, loves to play around, loyal and jealous of everyone else when she doesn't get enough attention. It is adorable.

   Frieda has become a huge and marvelous cat. Her strong snout and the color of her fur is amazing. We love her!

Frieda, the Cat of the Day
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Frieda, the Cat of the Day
Frieda, the Cat of the Day

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