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Frankie the Siamese/Tabby Mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Frankie
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Siamese/Tabby Mix
Home: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
   This is Frankie, she came into our lives by accident, and it's been challenging, but look at her!! How could you not fall in love with that face - and those eyes??!

   We already have 2 cats: Catastrophe, and Joolz. Their introduction was 10 months of hissing, spitting, chasing, peeing hell, but they found a way to co-exist and things were good. Then while at a Pet Smart where they had cats from a local shelter, I saw Frankie (then called Sapphire) and fell in love.

   This isn't anything new, it always happens anytime I'm near cats! I want to hold them, pet them and love them. Then my spouse comes along, takes it from me and drags me out of the store. Every time. Only this time was different; when I was holding Frankie, she immediately put her head on my shoulder and started to purr. I fell for her right then and there. Then he came along and took her with every intention of putting her back in her cage, and she did the same thing to him. He actually let out an "awwwwww," and I KNEW that she was the ONE!!

   It took a few days to convince him; our main concern was that the last introduction was so difficult, and with Catastrophe now being 15 years old, bringing a "kitten" in would upset the balance they had found.

   It took a few days, but I convinced him that we had to get her, and we did! There was a brief "OMG, what did we just do" moment, until we found out that she had been found living outside in the streets in Gatineau in December. Gatineau temperatures in December can range from -10 degrees centigrade to -30. The pads of her paws were damaged, and she had serious trust and food issues, but we were happy we adopted her. She also a "cold" from being at the shelter, and despite keeping her in quarantine in my craft room, Joolz caught the cold and had to be treated too. I don't know if it was being segregated from the others, or fate, but once they were better and we opened the door, things went very well!

   Frankie (as in "Old Blue Eyes"), and Joolz are BFF's now, and play together all the time. It's really funny to see Joolz, who weighs just over 6 pounds, run after and play with a cat who is literally twice her size!!

   She is a hoot and a half, a totally adorkable klutz; she bumps into things, will hip check anyone who gets in the way of her food, trips running up the stairs, and most endearing of all, chases her tail. She hasn't realized that she's the one controlling it yet, and she always tries to catch it! It's so funny to see her go! It's not so funny when she rolls down the stairs trying to do it, but it's still cute.

    She's been with us for a few months now and a couple of other health issues have been addressed (gut infection and worms), for which we've had to treat all three cats, but the girls are getting along just fine. It was simply meant to be! :)

Frankie the Siamese/Tabby Mix, the Cat of the Day
Frankie the Siamese/Tabby Mix, the Cat of the Day
Frankie the Siamese/Tabby Mix, the Cat of the Day

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