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Kayla the Tortoiseshell Cat
Name: Kayla
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tortoiseshell Cat
Home: Weirton, West Virginia, USA
   Kayla was originally adopted by my nephew and his wife as a companion for their dog. The pup apparently didn't want any new friends, and after a brief stay with my mother, she ended up with us. We were afraid that our dog, Abby wouldn't be thrilled about the new addition because she's been an only pet for her whole life, but after a few days, they got along just fine.

     Kayla is a talker and has long conversations with herself, occasionally including us, too. She keeps Abby young with her antics, and makes us laugh every day. As with Abby, we weren't really looking for another pet, but are so happy that she has come into our lives. We look forward to loving our little clown cat for years to come.

Kayla the Tortoiseshell Cat Kayla the Tortoiseshell Cat Kayla the Tortoiseshell Cat Kayla the Tortoiseshell Cat

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