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Lily Jane the Domestic Shorthair Tabby
Name: Lily Jane
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Shorthair Tabby
Home: Marble Falls, Texas, USA
   Lily Jane, LJ for short, was rescued as a kitten from the streets of Chengdu, China where she lived her first year of life until she moved to the heart of Texas. She loves exploring the Texas hill country and climbing trees. She is so thankful to Grace, her adoptive mom, for rescuing her that she is constantly kissing her and meowing until Grace holds her.

     She had to have a little Chinese passport be made for her, with a picture and all her information. It is so cute. She traveled with her adoptive sister, Mei Mei, in a carrier under my plane seat and was really well behaved. Since then, both of my kitties have become very fond of traveling, especially in the car, as long as they can sit in my lap and gaze out the window.

     LJ loves to meet new people, but she is extremely attached to me since I rescued her. She is constantly meowing until I come just sit in the same room as her and snuggle with her. It's so hard to describe how attached she is because I have never seen anything like it. She is also very attached to Mei Mei and their favorite thing to do is wrestle with one another. Once they get tired, they snuggle up and clean each other. Although it took her a while to learn how, LJ loves to climb trees in the front yard. She doesn't know any tricks yet, but we are currently working on spinning around. She's the sweetest cat I have ever met and I'm so thankful she's mine.

Lily Jane the Domestic Shorthair Tabby

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