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Thallhulah the Tuxedo Cat
Name: Thallhulah
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tuxedo Cat
Home: Lake District, Cumbria, UK
   Thallhulah was a rescue cat. She came into our lives two years ago a stray cat who was living in the village with whomever would feed her. I was never a cat lover but since loosing my Jack Russell dog the previous year which I had for 19 years, I vouched no more pets!

     Thallhulah was roaming around our street for weeks arriving in early autumn. One day when I came home from work, she was sitting in my garden. I fed her and gave her a drink then she would wander off. This went on for a few weeks then eventually she would come inside the house then disappear. After gaining her trust she became part of the family until she trusted me. I then took her to the vets to get her checked out and she was micro-chipped to some one else 10 miles away.

     Her owner had given up on her and got another kitten and decided to sign her over to us. She is the best thing to happened to our house. She's calm and collected, and very loving. She enjoys kitty cuddles and has some really strange poses! I never thought a cat could be so calming and now I wouldn't be without her.

Thallhulah the Tuxedo Cat Thallhulah the Tuxedo Cat

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