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Snowy the Cat
Name: Snowy
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cat
Home: Elmwood Park, Illinois, USA
   She is generally extremely cute! She is very fluffy and independent. She cares a lot about her brother Henry. When they lay down she cleans his fur and just massages him gently. She is the greatest anti-stress therapy!

     Snowy was adopted by us with her brother Henry, right before Christmas two years ago. When we got to adoption center we learned, that someone else was interested in adopting her, but since they only wanted to adopt her, without her brother, and we were interested in adopting both of them, we got chosen, and went home with two of them that day. Snowy is officially my younger son Nicholas's cat, he even has their instagram account, and Henry is my older son Michal's cat.

     Snowy is the most independent cat we ever knew! She loves to cuddle, but only when she feels like it, but when she gives you that privilege you are in heaven. She turns and wiggles when you pet her soft fur. She enjoys taking naps with her brother Henry, but she doesn't like if she takes one, and Henry wants to play at this moment. Then she gets mad, and occasionally will scratch his nose. She never scratched either one of us, with us she is very gentle. If you are late with feeding her, she will sit next to you, and give you angry look, then you know right away what you forgot. She likes to chase laser dot, watch birds, and if there is a fly in the house, she won't rest until she catches it. We love her and Henry, and can't imagine our home without them.

Snowy the Cat Snowy the Cat Snowy the Cat

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