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Tiny Cat the Tabby Moggy
Name: Tiny Cat
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Tabby Moggy
Home: Brighton, England, United Kingdom
   This little lady was brought home as a recovering rescue cat, half bald with overgrooming from stress. Since then, Tiny Cat has surpassed all household rehoming landmarks. She comes trotting into the kitchen when I whistle, expresses an opinion in conversation, sleeps on the bed (which is most unusual for a rescue), and has a favourite chair. She sits next to me on the sofa to watch TV, too.

     When I first brought her home, she was such a mess that I never really expected any of these things, but I couldn't leave her behind because she'd had such a sad and unfair start. She has come so far, she's one of a kind and we love her.

Tiny Cat the Tabby Moggy Tiny Cat the Tabby Moggy

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