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Copper the Persian
Name: Copper
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Persian
Home: Dublin, Ohio, USA
   Copper puts a smile on our faces each and every day and makes our family happy and complete. He greets us when we get up in the morning and kisses us goodnight when we go to bed. His love is unconditional!!

     Copper was our second pet cat but our first Persian. We decided on a Persian because of their sweet nature and adorable personalities. We got Copper just before our second son was born. He was to be a playmate for our older son who was 3 years old at the time. A sweet little kitty would make up for him getting less attention due to the new baby in the house. It worked! Success! From that point on, we had three sweet little boys in the house!

     As Copper is now in his mid-teens, he loves taking his catnaps in his favorite spots around the house. While napping, he snores. It's so cute and very funny! You can hear him from the adjacent room. When he's not napping, he loves to help out in the kitchen! He will lead us to the refrigerator and stick his cute little nose in there in hopes that something good will come out of it for him! Some of his favorites are roast beef, yogurt, and left-over cereal milk. He prefers to be hand fed so we happily accommodate him.

     Copper is an indoor cat and only on rare occasions does he go outside. The rare occasions are when he takes advantage of unsuspecting guests who open the front door just long enough for him to dart out. He's smart enough to know to be in the vicinity of the door when we have company. What a little rascal! One time he snuck out without us realizing. What a mistake that was! It was later in the evening and it just so happened that there was a snowy, blustery winter night. As we didn't notice he went out, he ended up outside the entire night. In the morning, he usually greets us but he was nowhere to be found. Just before sitting down to breakfast, we drew the kitchen blinds back and what did we find? A scruffy little Persian with snow and icicles from head to toe! Poor little guy! We brought him in and wrapped him up in a nice warm blanket until he thawed out. That was a tough night for kitty!

Copper the Persian Copper the Persian Copper the Persian

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