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Sugar and Spice the Long-haired calico mix
Name: Sugar and Spice
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Long-haired calico mix
Home: Kenai, Alaska, USA
   When I first went to pick out a kitten on my 6th birthday, I didn't realize what a blessing I was about to get. My little Sugar, at the time, was the only kitten along with her sister in the litter who was different from the rest. The other kittens were all tabbies like they're father. Sugar and her sister (Sparta) looked exactly like their mother, but only Sugar has the "barely visible" mark on her shoulder just as her mother did. She was the runt of the litter as well, and when I first saw her, she seemed like a scared and shy kitten. But when I approached her, she walked up to me and we stared into each other's eyes and I just felt a feeling I had never felt. I knew at that moment she was the one for me. I named her out loud, Sugar and Spice, in honor of her black and white fur and her differences from the rest.

     To this day, she has never once let me down. To be honest, I'm practically the only one she likes. When people approach me she growls at them until I tell her it's okay. When I'm gone somewhere for long periods of time, she will wait next to the door, window, or she even my bedroom door. She gets quite sad when I'm gone, and goes to my mom sometimes for love. The biggest reason I find she is so special is that point she took/helped me out of some dark, dark times in my life. When I came home from school after being bullied, she knew and would always come and cuddle with me. She talks to me and tries her best to help. That's why she's so special to me. My little baby girl has proven to be the greatest thing I have in this life.

Sugar and Spice the Long-haired calico mix Sugar and Spice the Long-haired calico mix Sugar and Spice the Long-haired calico mix Sugar and Spice the Long-haired calico mix

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