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Gina the Domestic Cat
Name: Gina
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Cat
Home: Gárdony- Dinnyés, Hungary
   I was not prepared to have a cat but in August my sister arrived with a box and told me that from now on she is mine. She was very small and honestly I was scared and she was scared, but soon she became very important part of my life.

     Gina also answers to her nickname Piggy because she is a little fat plus she eats like a pig. She is the first pet we have been able to keep in the house as I am allergic to cat and dog fur, but I finally have good medicine so my dream could come true.

     After her first few days she gained courage and since then she is all over the place. I cannot go anywhere without her following me. If she decides that she wants to sleep on my keyboard then she will sleep on my keyboard and I can do nothing about it. The thing I love about her the most that she purrs differently than other cats, she purrs very very loudly and it actually sounds like she is just breathing very loudly. She is my alarm clock and she is the one telling me when to get up from the computer, too. I love her!

Gina the Domestic Cat Gina the Domestic Cat Gina the Domestic Cat Gina the Domestic Cat

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