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Poe the Domestic Short-Haired Cat
Name: Poe
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Short-Haired Cat
Home: Vermont, USA
   Introducing Edgar Allen "Poe" Wolfe, Poe for short. Poe has quite a stunning story to tell. When he was a little over a week old, his cat mum went missing, and his new mom, the two-legged one, nursed him and five others back to health. Poe was the runt of the litter, he was malnourished and never would have survived in the wild, and it was quite a fight for his new mommy to save him. But we pulled him back, and he's devoted every day of his life to her since.

     When Poe was about eight months old, mum's dad died. Her family abandoned her, her best friend abandoned her when she needed her the absolute most, and she had to step into his gram's shoes and all but force feed his gram to keep her with us. Poe was right there through everything. He let her cry into his fur, he'd purr with her when she needed a smile, he'd act silly to make her laugh, he let her hold him however long she needed, even if he was uncomfortable. After months of family feuding, the dog that had helped raise Poe that had grown up with his mum passed away. He was there for her through that too, and he stood by her when she lost her own gram, too.

     In December, Poe wandered too far and went missing overnight. Mum, who cannot sleep without nightmares without him beside her, panicked, as she has an immense fear of loss and severe anxiety. She called for hours, searched the area, spent hours upon hours the next day searching. After being gone for over 24 hours, she stood on the porch in her socks, heartbroken, losing hope, terrified that she would never see her baby again, and called one last time. And the minute she heard his cry, she knew she couldn't waste time on shoes. She ran through over a mile of national forest, over rough terrain and through an icy brook, and when she found him, it was the most gut wrenching sight she'd ever known. His back leg held at a funny angle, he couldn't walk, and made a noise that could only be described as a cry when he spotted her running to him. After following his voice for so long, she broke down, sobbing as she tenderly picked him up, kissing his face and thanking the universe that she'd found him. And throughout the whole next week, rushing him to the vets after carrying him home, hearing that the break was so bad it couldn't be set, hearing the recommendation of euthanization, trying to find the funds for an amputation, administering pain meds, bringing him in for the surgery, seeing him the next day, bringing him home, relearning how to walk, never once did he stop purring, because he knew that mom was gong to make sure he was going to be okay.

     Poe has given me everything. If he'd done more than shatter his femur and fracture his hip, and he didn't make it, I have no doubt that I wouldn't be here today. And even now, he keeps on giving to me. He's saved my life more times than I can count, and I've saved his, too. People see him and they're amazed. Here is this sweet, complacent cat who wear harnesses and rides in cars, who likes water and lets you kiss him, who has three legs and puts a smile on his mom's face every waking moment, who is the only thing in the world that can pull her out of a panic attack, and they can't believe he's true. And sometimes I can't, either. Every day, I wonder why life has dealt my family such a bad hand, but then I remember my ace of hearts, my Poe, and know that maybe it isn't so bad, after all.

Poe the Domestic Short-Haired Cat Poe the Domestic Short-Haired Cat Poe the Domestic Short-Haired Cat Poe the Domestic Short-Haired Cat Poe the Domestic Short-Haired Cat

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