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Monty the Moggie
Name: Monty
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Moggie
Home: Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
   Introducing Monty Boo Boo Pussolini. His whole name, which is a bit mad, suits him down to the ground! Monty is a rescue moggie, and lives in Hertfordshire. He has bags of personality and loves to hunt. Since my sister has been housebound and on crutches, he's hardly gone out and chooses to stay and keep her company which is very loyal and touching!

     Monty is four years old and she chose him when she went to her local cat rescue centre - he immediately responded to her and settled in amazingly quickly at home. He's very independent and is normally out hunting all day but since my sister Mariane has been at home all day, he's sensed that she appreciates him being in more to keep her company. He is very, very docile and affectionate with a very loud purr! His favorite trick is to lick the condensation off the windows inside instead of drinking from his bowl of water! Her windows are old with no insulation or double glazing so the water is often building up on the inside!

     Once my sister is out of plaster and back at work, and with spring on its way, he'll be outside a lot more, dicing death with squirrels which has in the past, caused him to need treatment at the vet - he's a pretty feisty young man! But we all love him just as he is!

Monty the Moggie Monty the Moggie Monty the Moggie Monty the Moggie

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