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Tubbo the Domestic Shorthair
Name: Tubbo
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Shorthair
Home: Keizer, Oregon, USA
   Tubbo was raised as a foster cat from an age of one day. My family had the privilege of raising him and his two siblings. Tubbo got his name because he was bigger than his siblings, but today he's really no different. Once all the cats were adoptable, we decided to keep Tubbo because he's very laid back and sweet. His siblings were adopted by other family members, so the kittens all get together often.

     Tubbo is rare among my experience of cats because he loves cars. On many occasions we have found him in someone's car because the car door was left open. The reason he is not skittish like cats usually are is because my family often takes Tubbo to our photography studio in the car. He gets to be lazy there and sometimes gets his photo taken, as you can see in some of the photos here. He supported the studio one day with photos of himself wearing a Shop Small Saturday scarf. Shop Small is an effort to support local businesses on the Saturday following Thanksgiving and Tubbo was the model!

     Tubbo also likes getting into a few trees. In the photo of him in the tree, he had gotten himself stuck, probably between his desire to get down and his desire to investigate the little birds that live higher in the tree. I had to photograph him before he jumped out of the tree into my arms. Enjoy Tubbo!

Tubbo the Domestic Shorthair Tubbo the Domestic Shorthair Tubbo the Domestic Shorthair

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