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Panterica the Cat
Name: Panterica
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cat
Home: Arad, Romania
   Panterica is pretty cute and sometimes psycho. She has a dual personality, she is either being the cutest being out there, or the most psycho, crazy cat in the world. She is very curious and she loves to sit in the window and watch outside. She likes to hunt and catch things for pleasure: birds, insects, anything that can move or fly. Once I bought a collar with bells on it, and she was exercising to move without making the bell ring - like a ninja. She actually managed to move without making a noise, but I had to remove the bell in the end because she didn't quite like it.

     I bought a stick with a toy rat at the end, and she loves when I play with that toy with her. She tries new moves to catch that toy rat, new ways of jumping and catching it with just one move - like a little panther. That's what her name means: little panther. She is both very independent and affectionate, depending on her mood. Sometimes, she comes to me and pets my face with her little paw, she looks straight into my eyes with the cutest look that melts my heart and she starts hugging my hand. Other times, she doesn't even want me to hug her, she wants to be independent and be left alone while she hunts something, or while she pretends to hunt something.

     She is very smart. She has different dilemmas about the surrounding world, and she tries to figure things out. She learned how to climb and get down of a tree by herself, how to hunt, how to get in and out of the most tight places, how to communicate with us, humans, showing what she wants in a manner that we understand, and she learned how to turn on and off the TV with her paws. And once she tried to take a selfie with my phone, and loves to play tablet cat games (such as Paw Me Lite). Honestly, she learned how to unlock my tablet and I believe that she will soon know how to use it better than I do, lol. Even if she has no idea how to read or write. And she loves to walk in the snow, too! I love her!

Panterica the Cat Panterica the Cat Panterica the Cat Panterica the Cat

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