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Chili the Snowshoe Siamese
Name: Chili
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Snowshoe Siamese
Home: Denver, Colorado, USA
   Chili is a very sweet, handsome, unique cat. He's a little dog-like in that he follows us around everywhere and always likes to sit on our laps. Chili doesn't meow like most cats, but has his own way of talking. He purrs loudly and often sits on my shoulder when I'm laying on the couch.

     Chili can be really playful, but if we're not giving him enough attention, he will close a door in our house which makes us take notice. He's polydactyl with six toes on his front paws and five toes on his back toes. He's very friendly and likes to meet anyone who comes to visit. We love Chili very much and can't imagine our lives without him!

Chili the Snowshoe Siamese Chili the Snowshoe Siamese Chili the Snowshoe Siamese

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