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Misty the Cat
Name: Misty
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cat
Home: Perth, Western Australia, Australia
   Misty is my mum's little baby, but Misty still loves to hang with the whole family. She doesn't shed as much as Polly, her biological Persian mix sister, but still sheds every summer. She has never really been hurt, other than small fights with Polly. She's very playful, and won't let her age stop her! She'll only meow or wail for food, but most of the time her bowl is full.

     She got along with all us kids when we were younger, and still gets along with other kids! She's really friendly towards strangers, but if she doesn't like what they're doing, she'll let off a little growl every now and then. She's very easy to groom, as she's never been long-haired. She's very smart, and usually out-smarts people she meets. From opening doors, to sneaking in some food from on top of the cupboards! She's definitely pet friendly, but like she does with strangers, will growl time to time! We love her.

Misty the Cat Misty the Cat Misty the Cat Misty the Cat

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