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Bailey the Maine Coon mix
Name: Bailey Bum
Age: Deceased, six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Maine Coon mix
Home: Eastern Ontario, Canada
   This is our darling Bailey Bum. He was part Maine Coon. We adopted him from a vet's clinic shortly after we had lost a beloved kitty. He had been abandoned there by a previous owner. They thought he was about two to three years of age. They neglected to tell us that Bailey had a severe intestinal problem. If he ate grass he would have serious diarrhea. It caused him great pain and made a real mess.

     He loved being outside so we would really have to watch he didn't get outside. He had such a wonderful, silly personality. He had to be by or on one of us at almost all the time ... even at night. He liked to sleep on my feet. He would give us these adoring looks. When napping during the day, he loved to be covered.

     He would even come when called, even if he had been naughty. My husband would say to him, "Come here and get a spanking ..." and he would come! Don't worry, only scolding happened.

     It was a very sad night when one of our five outside doors was left slightly open and Bailey escaped, only to be hit by a car and left for dead. I cried buckets as he was such a beautiful, loving, silly kitty. We only had him for four years, which was far too short a time. We hope you enjoy these photos of our precious, silly Bailey Bum, we miss him.

Bailey the Maine Coon mix Bailey the Maine Coon mix Bailey the Maine Coon mix

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