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Mr. Meow the American Short Hair
Name: Mr. Meow
Age: Sixteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: American Short Hair
Home: Nevada, USA
   Meow is a rescue kitty, and he comes by his name honestly because he is a talker. I had saw him in my neighborhood for almost a year and I just couldn't get him to come to me. Then one day he was laying in my yard, looking like he was on his last legs. I guess he decided to give me a chance, because he had nothing else to lose.

     Over the course of six months, I would set food out on the porch, close the door and he would come eat and drink and leave. Then one day I saw he was waiting for dinner and I took the food out and was turning to set it down and I felt fur rub up on my legs ... I guess he finally decided I was okay for a human.

     We have been inseparable for 14 years now. He is my old boy ... I love him bunches!

Mr. Meow the American Short Hair

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