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Ace the Maine Coon
Name: Ace
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Maine Coon
Home: South Bend, Indiana, USA
   Ace is my first Maine Coon cat. His father's name is Mischeif Maker and he's a gentle giant that weighs 17+ pounds. I nursed Ace back to health, as he had a serious sinus infection and has herpes from eating out of the same food as other sick cats from the breeders I reported the breeders after my rescue.

     Ace is a friendy cat that's very vocal he says hi by meowing at his owners when we make eye contact with him and slightly energetic he uses a perch on top of a cat tree that doesn't fit him like it would most cats so his feet shoot out a little. He acts like a dog - I once was able to teach him to fetch and he's very affectionate but he'll never be anybody's baby - he does his own thing.

Ace the Maine Coon

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