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Meea the Lynx-point Siamese mix
Name: Meea
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Lynx-point Siamese mix
Home: Webster, New York, USA
   Meea is special because I believe she was sent to me by my beloved cat Bella, who died suddenly in the middle of the night three days before Christmas. Bella went through life at 100 miles per hour and left it just as fast. I lay on the floor and petted her until she passed at 5:17am.

     Now about Meea. She came to me on Christmas Eve through our local shelter, Lollypop Farm. I had actually gone to see a three-month-old kitten, but somebody beat me to her and am I ever glad they did. When I spotted Meea (formerly Aleea), I fell in love and immediately signed up to see her. She is strikingly beautiful and the only sign of her cross-breeding is the shape of her face and ears. She does not have the long pointed face or the large ears of a Siamese, but that of a regular feline.

     I know Bella sent her to me because she has displayed some of Bella's special traits. For instance, Bella used to run and jump onto my chair directly onto my chest and lay her head down on me so I could kiss her head. The first night Meea was here, she got on my chest a little too far up and laid her cheek over my nose and mouth ... she must have misunderstood Bella's instructions.

     When Meea and I met at the shelter, she rubbed all over me right from the start and when two staff members joined us, she curled up in my lap. I am convinced that she would have been gone before I got there, except that her picture had not yet been posted on line. I am in the process of making cat beds to donate to Lollypop Farm in Bella's memory as they send the kitties home with whatever bed they have in their cage.

     Meea is helping to heal my broken heart, and I love her dearly already.

Meea the Lynx-point Siamese mix Meea the Lynx-point Siamese mix Meea the Lynx-point Siamese mix Meea the Lynx-point Siamese mix

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