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Ford the Tabby
Name: Ford
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby
Home: Long Island, New York, USA
   Hello! I would like to introduce our kitten, Ford. Ford and his two brothers and one sister were born to a feral cat that decided to nest in our attic. They survived a crash through the ceiling at about 6 weeks old. We have been caring for them ever since. Some people say their pets came down from heaven, ours, well, dropped from above but only as far as the attic!

     You would never guess now that he was born a feral. He is not shy or skittish in the least. In fact, Ford loves affection. He has been known to grab your hand with his paws and try to plunk it on his head so you'll pet him. He also speaks constantly, whether it be requesting affection or just food. We love him!

Ford the Tabby

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