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Queen Quixote the Domestic Shorthair
Name: Queen Quixote
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic shorthair
Home: Pacheco, California, USA
   There have always been tons of cats that have come to hang out in our yard at our house, some strays, some outdoor cats of neighbors, and we've always given them love and attention. One day at the very end of 2008, a nameless, very skinny kitty showed up. She had the strangest meow ever (she sounds like she is yelling no matter what she's going on about, whether she is happy or angry) and you could see her whole spine because of how thin she was!

     My mom and I began sneaking her into the house when my dad wasn't around, and little did we know he was sneaking her in when we weren't around! We made a nice little outdoor home for her but one Christmas we brought her inside for the day and she has been mainly an indoor cat ever since. The once bony and emaciated looking, she is now a very chubby pear shape when sitting and has the cutest, softest, chubby belly. Her full name is Queen Quixote. She is a total queen and although once our yard was the hangout of most cats in the whole neighborhood, this feisty, howling Queen protects her territory and now very few cats dare enter her domain!

Queen Quixote the Domestic Shorthair Queen Quixote the Domestic Shorthair

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