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Fudge and Truffles the Medium hair cats
Name: Fudge, Truffles
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Medium hair cat
Home: Seattle, Washington, USA
   How do we tell Fudge and Truffles apart? Right now it's easier because Truffles has grown two white whiskers. Other times in their lives it's been Fudge who sports a white facial hair or two. But normally we have to get a lot closer to identify these almost-twin brothers.

     Fudge and Truffles came to us as kittens, when they were grey and brown fluff balls. In that long-ago era a decade ago, people placed kitten ads in the newspaper, and when I answered the one offering them, it was a match. They grew into magnificent adults who are nearly inseparable. In good weather while we're working in the garden we let them play outside, but most of the time they enjoy watching the world through the windows.

     They enjoy sleeping near each other in various locations of the house, bringing us toy glitter-pompoms and reminding us that it's mealtime. We love them.

Fudge and Truffles the Medium hair cats Fudge and Truffles the Medium hair cats Fudge and Truffles the Medium hair cats

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