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Grusha the Calico
Name: Grusha
Age: Five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Calico cat
Home: Myronivsky, Donetsk, Ukraine
   Grusha Loves everything that rustles, especially the wrappers of chocolates. She likes to sleep on the table and the chairs, but especially on the table. And she loves to play with the cursor on the computer monitor.

     The name Grusha, for Russians and Ukrainians, is a very weird and funny name, as the name Grusha (Груша) for us is the name of the fruit that you call a pear. And I think that we are the first who named a cat in honor of some fruit!

     We had a lot of pets before, but they all died long ago. Therefore we can say Grusha is our second three-colored cat. We now have Grusha and her mother Murka. At first we were not going to keep her, but my grandmother thought she was a boy. She thought she clearly saw esticles and the penis. But two months later it all disappeared and it turned out that she is a girl. It was a shock to me, and I still wonder about that. Besides, my uncle said tri-color boys do not exist, but I read that there are exceptions.

     As for games, she loves everything that moves and everything that doesn't move, she will move it and goes crazy. She gets very excited in response to the rustle of candy wrappers. She still loves to play with her mom, but Murka alas, is not very interested in play. Grusha does not let that stop her. As a lover of running around tables, cabinets, etc, we have a very energetic and restless cat.

     She began to understand what affection was about within two to three months of age. Like her mother, Grusha is now a very affectionate cat. We love her!

Grusha the Calico Grusha the Calico Grusha the Calico Grusha the Calico

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