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Bijou the Maine Coon mix
Name: Bijou
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Maine Coon mix
Home: Plumas, Manitoba, Canada
   Bijou is a beautiful little girl. She has tortietude and can be so sweet about it, while giving the other girls the gears.

     Bijou was born outside on a farm in April of 2006. She was the only girl in her litter and yet she was the leader of her pack. I brought her home to town at the end of June of 2006 and she has been an indoor kitty ever since.

     Bijou is my first girl and I think the most beautiful girl ever. I named her Bijou, which means jewel in French. She's already coming up on 10 years old, I am not sure where the time is going! She is my precious gem!

Bijou the Maine Coon mix Bijou the Maine Coon mix Bijou the Maine Coon mix

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