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Findus the Orange Tabby
Name: Findus
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Orange Tabby
Home: Västerås, Sweden
   We adopted Findus along with his black sister Frida. Our old cat had recently passed away and we were trying to deal with the loss of him. I didn't want to get a new pet but my family did. The kittens lived in a very crowded home with other cats and their owner never gave them any affection. It was dirty with boxes and stuff everywhere. They were held in a room for themselves. The owner sent us pictures of him when he was newborn and she kept sending them as they grew older. Then in the later pictures we realized that his eyes were clogged up. But we didn't know better, we thought that's what kittens look like when their eyes evolve as they grow.

     Then came the day for adoption. We were shocked, they were both so slim, looked like they never eaten and they weren't vaccinated and on top of that Findus' eyes were worse than before. We took them anyway, as now we wanted to save them. They had another sister but the owner had promised her to her neighbor. Sometimes I wonder what her life is like. We immediately took them to the vet and got medication for both of them. Each morning we'd wake up and see Findus not being able to open his eyes. We named him Findus because he resembled the cat in a Swedish children's book series about an old man and his mischievous little cat. It's called Petteson and Findus.

     I have never regretted adopting them even though I didn't want to at first. They helped me through my grief and kept me smiling. Findus is very affectionate: he follows me everywhere and likes to snuggle with my face. He's not like any cat I've ever met. He loves to lie in the sink and every time he enters the kitchen the purring begins. He is the most kindest soul, we could do anything to him and he wouldnt say anything. I remeber one time I accidentally stepped on his paw but he didn't say a word the poor thing. My cats aren't "just cats" they are my best friends, my family, the light at the end of the tunnel. Without them life would be nothing but dull.

Findus the Orange Tabby Findus the Orange Tabby Findus the Orange Tabby

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