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Doc the Maine Coon/Tabby mix
Name: Doc
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Maine Coon/Tabby mix
Home: Massachusetts, USA
   Introducing Dr. Emmett L. Brown (Doc for short). Doc is a loud-spoken, animated cat. His eyes are perpetually wide, similar to his namesake character from the "Back to the Future" movies. He loves to talk, and especially appreciates chin scratches. I adopted him last year from a shelter, and at first he was afraid of most anybody touching him, but he's since warmed up for the most part. He appreciates spending time with me, and my other cat (Eru), and eats - a lot.

     Chasing down his treats in order to "kill them" is a basic requirement. He climbs walls to hunt down the red laser lights, and trills whenever you make eye contact, as if to say, "Great Scott!"

     Although it's only been about a year (in July), he's already grown on me, my friends, and my other cat. He's as smart as he is friendly, and I adore him.

Doc the Maine Coon/Tabby mix Doc the Maine Coon/Tabby mix Doc the Maine Coon/Tabby mix Doc the Maine Coon/Tabby mix

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