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Yaya the Cat
Name: Yaya
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cat
Home: Wisconsin, USA
   My cat wasn't originally named Yaya, my two-year-old just started calling her Yaya and it stuck. I've had Yaya since the time she was born. My aunt's cat had three cute kittens and right away I wanted her. I watched her grow from a blind little cat that could fit in the palm of your hands to the crazy hyper cat she is today. One way to describe her is she a dog in a cat's body, her brother is a pitbull and she always cuddles him and messes with him. She'll run by him, slap him and take off - it's hilarious. She also has another dog friend, a miniature pinscher that comes over, and they go crazy playing throughout the whole house.

     The best part of having her is bed time, she looks at me every night makes sure I'm situated and laying down, then she'll get on the bed and snuggle right under my arm and put her arms around my body. It's kinda hard to be comfortable and fall alseep but it's too completely cute to move her. I never knew how cool it was to have a cat, but now I don't think I can live without one, especially her.

Yaya the Cat Yaya the Cat Yaya the Cat Yaya the Cat Yaya the Cat

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