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Bella the Exotic Shorthair
Name: Bella
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Exotic Shorthair
Home: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
   Bella is a sweet female Exotic Shorthair. She snorts due to her short nose, and loves to spoon with her owner.

     I adopted Bella when she was four years old from a local Humane Society. Bella is my first exotic shorthair, although I had a Persian cat before getting her. I looked specifically for an Exotic Shorthair or Persian because that breed of cat is known to be good in small apartments and fairly chill (no dastardly messes when I come home).

     Bella is very laid back and loves to talk, especially when I come home from a long day of being away. Bella lives for pets but almost never lays on my lap. Bell is always up for some play time, her favorite toy is bird feathers on the end of a string attached to a stick. She spends her free time gazing out the window at small animals and bird. Sometimes I put on youtube videos of birds and she goes nuts for it. Bella is special in that she loves to spoon at night before going to bed. She makes lots of snorting noises; vets tell me it's due to the breed's distinct facial structure. Although I have a roommate, Bella is attached at the hip with me. She follows me around the apartment and talks back when I say something to her. She is pretty dependent on lots of love and petting; which is a-ok with me! She is the sweetest thing and I enjoy having her in my life so much!

Bella the Exotic Shorthair Bella the Exotic Shorthair Bella the Exotic Shorthair Bella the Exotic Shorthair Bella the Exotic Shorthair Bella the Exotic Shorthair

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