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Orion the Shorthair Tabby
Name: Orion
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Shorthair Tabby
Home: Farmville, Virginia, USA
   Orion is a very loving cat, he loves to play and follows me everywhere. He sits at the window in front of a bird feeder and enjoys watching all the "customers" that arrive, occasionally wanting to go after them.

     He was recently diagnosed with diabetes but is doing well with insulin. He is smart in the way that, every insulin time, he knows to come with me to get the shot and then eat dinner afterwards.

     Orion is my second cat. To me, he's a wonderful, sweet cat that I'm extremely attached to. He's fairly affectionate, though only when he wants to be. He doesn't know any tricks, but seems to know his morning and evening routines by heart. His favorite toys are jingle balls but he also adores feather wand types. He loves them so much he's gone through five of them! He's pretty independent but will seek attention and usually stays close to me.

Orion the Shorthair Tabby

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