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Angelina the Cat
Name: Angelina
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cat
Home: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
   Hi! I'm Angelina. When I was little, I was put into a shelter. It was really scary. So scary that I was losing fur and was really skinny. Then some really nice humans came in. They saw how desperate I was for a home so they brought me home with them. When I got home I was a bit scared so I stayed in my box. But soon enough I got used to things!

     Then I realised (dramatic chords here ...) there was another cat in the place. His name is Yossi and he is quite old. We used to be enemies, but now we're best buddies! Here's a funny story from before we were friends. It was time for dinner and I was going up to the bowl. Little did I know that Yossi was right next to me. We didn't see each other. We were eating happily until we looked to the side at the same time and saw each other. A second later we were fighting each other! Ha.

     I love snuggling up with my three owners. I love playing with the kids, one of them when we are playing on the computers and the other one when we are going outside. I also love going on the adult owners' bed. So warm! I love eating, playing outside, {even when it is raining}, and checking on the neighbours and making sure they're okay. I enjoy bringing dead animals in the house as a nice present though I have realized my owners don't appreciate the present. I also enjoy taking pictures and more eating. I am very adventurous, kind and caring and active. I love my owners. and Yossi and I couldn't ask for a better family. MEOW!

Angelina the Cat Angelina the Cat Angelina the Cat Angelina the Cat

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