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Sylvester Jr. the Brown Tabby Tiger
Name: Sylvester Junior
Age: Thirteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Brown Tabby Tiger
Home: Saint John, Indiana, USA
   This is Sylvester Jr., he is 13 years old and came into our lives at the age of five weeks, after we lost Sylvester Senior.

     Sylvester Jr., nicknamed Prints, is so special because he lets me baby him as much as I want. This 17-pound tabby tiger is so playful and happy. He is a joy to have and fun to watch. He loves chasing a laser light and smart enough to know that I control it. When I stop, he will look at me and cry. He is so loved.

     At night he will get on my back and nibble my shoulder for attention. I tell him he is a ba-ad boy ... and he loves that. I will grab him by the scruff of his neck like a mama cat would do, and pull him under my warm blanket, and listen to his loud purrs. I am enjoying every minute he is with me.

     Sylvester is a highly sophisticated cat and the reason we nicknamed him "Prints" (pronounced Prince), is because he demands respect and he leaves his paw prints everywhere ... on my desk, my tables, my counters. He is allowed, but he keeps me busy.

Sylvester Jr. the Brown Tabby Tiger Sylvester Jr. the Brown Tabby Tiger

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