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Cutie the Orange Tabby Shorthair
Name: Cutie (Raya)
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Orange Tabby Shorthair
Home: Orangevale, California, USA
   Cats have many unique characteristics that make them special from warm hearted purrs and lap sitting to their own style of hunting and predacious skills. Cutie was rescued from Sacramento county animal shelter before they had to decrease their numbers in kittens.

     Although her given name is Raya, the name we use is Cutie, after the sweet and delicious fruit that most kids have grown to like and she was given this unique name after her appearance. Cutie is an orange tabby American shorthair, and I have recently found out is quite rare for her to be an orange female, as she got her coloring from both her mother and father, whereas most orange tabbies are males that get their coat from one parent. Cutie is the most happy and healthy cat out of all my three and I have grown to accept the smell of her cat litter which she uses right after it's clean.

     What really makes her special is this: Cutie and I have created this unknown bond that goes far beyond human and pet. The first time I gazed into her sad eyes it was if she was screaming to get out, thought it was hard to tell since the cages were soundproof. After that we now have this facial communication whereas if I'm sad she will plump right onto my just and warm my heart.

     I love my li'l Cutie and would never consider leaving her even when she is an old, big cat that sheds everywhere. I have made it my life-long duty to make sure she is living an ordinary happy and healthy cat life. I don't think that my cat will ever be "special" to anyone but me, but the bond between an animal and a human is special. How we go beyond human and pet is a lot more further then special. Calling her an ordinary cat is fine, but for me she is my best friend and we will always share one Heart.

Cutie the Orange Tabby Shorthair Cutie the Orange Tabby Shorthair Cutie the Orange Tabby Shorthair Cutie the Orange Tabby Shorthair

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