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Queen Sheba the Shorthair Cat
Name: Queen Sheba
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Shorthair Cat
Home: Kentucky, USA
   Introducing the lovely Queen Sheba. She is a rescue. She had been chased into an abandoned house by people with bats and managed to escape by climbing into a hole in the wall. It took over a week to get her out of her hiding place.

     Sheba is quite unique. She won't eat treats or meat but loves butter and eggs. She has only ever liked one other cat, preferring dogs and people she's familiar with.

     She only likes to be held high on the left shoulder and no other way. She doesn't mind being brushed but loves being lint-rollered. She normally sleeps with the top of her head touching whatever she is sleeping on, we do not know why! She is a very special kitty, and we love her.

Queen Sheba the Shorthair Cat Queen Sheba the Shorthair Cat Queen Sheba the Shorthair Cat Queen Sheba the Shorthair Cat

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