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Butters the Cat
Name: Butters
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cat
Home: Monroeville, Pennsylvania, USA
   Butters is a very happy, friendly and silly cat. We found him at Petsmart eight years ago. We named him Butters because he looked like buttered popcorn. He was 20 months old when he first arrived. The first things he did when we brought him home was tear up a pillow and tore a hole in the bottom of the couch and got stuck inside the couch. We had to cut him out. It was a dramatic beginning!

     He came into my life right before my father passed away, so he greatly helped me cope with this. Butters' favorite things to do are to eat, play, eat and play some more. He has many toys, but he prefers to play with us by hugging doorways and hopping on his toes. He brings smile to not only us, but to many through his YouTube, Facebook and Instagram pages. He never fails at making me laugh. Adopting Butters is the best decision I ever made.

     Here are his social media links:
     YouTube- Butters the Bean
     Facebook- ButtertheBean
     Instagram- buttersthebean

Butters the Cat Butters the Cat Butters the Cat Butters the Cat

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