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Barrie the Tabby
Name: Barrie
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby
Home: Bristol, England
   We decided to get Barrie as our other cat, Jeff, sadly had to be put down in December after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. This is our first tabby cat and he really likes to play "ninja cat," which is where we hide behind a wall and Barrie slowly climbs the stairs when we aren't looking and as soon as we poke our heads forward and look, he stops immediately!

     He is also quite partial to a cuddle and whenever we sit down, he is immediately up and stretched out on our laps! He is also a typical fire cat and whenever the fire is on, he curls up in front of it as well as Frank the dog!

     Although this could be misleading as an angelic little guy, he can also be quite vicious! As he went through a stage of climbing up our legs when he wanted a cuddle! Luckily he has learnt to meow when he wants a hug instead! He also enjoy batting his mouse on his scratch post and playing with his elephant on a string! He's great!

Barrie the Tabby Barrie the Tabby

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