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Emma the Long-hair tabby
Name: Emma
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Long-hair tabby
Home: Canada
   I adopted Emma from my family's usual vet clinic, my folks were taking our German Shepherd/Lab cross in to get his shots updated when my mother noticed that Emma was up for adoption. My parents met me at my apartment later that day and told me they'd met a cat at the vet they thought that I'd be interested in adopting, and thus that was how I became Emma's new owner.

     Since adopting her, Emma has been nothing but a sweetheart in my home and has been a wonderful addition to my life, I love her to pieces and now can't imagine my life without her. She loves to chase feather toys that hang up on the end of sticks, and apparently according to the vet loves laser pointers (like most cats!) but I haven't been able to buy one for her to play with yet. Emma is friendly towards everyone she meets, and will even run to greet people at the door when they knock. She is the best.

Emma the Long-hair tabby Emma the Long-hair tabby Emma the Long-hair tabby Emma the Long-hair tabby

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