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Walter the Tabby
Name: Walter
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby
Home: New York, New York, USA
   Walter was a stray who followed my husband home, or at least up to the door of our building. Someone coming out scared him off. I came down with a can of food and a carrier. He ate the food and jumped into the carrier. His ride had arrived!

     No one claimed him. He was scrawny, no microchip, and not fixed. Neighbors said he'd been around about a month, hanging with some strays. He's a super-friendly guy who loves humans and other cats! His litter habits weren't perfect. He never peed on the furniture but if something looked like it could have been a litter box, then he tried it out. We were patient with him, as were the other cats. Our senior cat allows him to groom him. Our other cat, Rocky, is only a couple of years older than Walter. They've become besties.

     He took to leash-walking immediately. We live in a complex on several acres, so there's lots to explore. Walter loves going up to say hello to new people and old friends.

     Here's a link to Walter on a walk.

Walter the Tabby Walter the Tabby Walter the Tabby Walter the Tabby

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