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Tammy the Tabby Cat
Name: Tammy
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tabby Cat
Home: West Midlands, England, UK
   This is Tammy, one of the six cats our family currently owns. In 2016: August 30th this little bundle of joy was born to a mother who was recently dumped in our area, around 2016- January just after Christmas. We took her in and soon learned she was expecting, the months rolled by and she soon had four kittens. We decided as a family to keep the litter and this is one of them. Tammy is the only girl of the four, she has three brothers Munchkin, Gizmo and Snowball.

     At first, I never really liked cats; due to my grandmother having several and all of them being really nasty. But my opinions of them soon changed. Tinkles was our first cat, I spent days and nights with him and waiting up for him just to feed him. He came from being a cat that was incessantly picked on by neighbours or children playing ball and thinking of him to be a target.

     We as a family had no obligation to take them any of these, we could have shunned them, but when their suffering resonates with your own, it is better to break the cycle than to let it keep on spinning. Tammy is a very beautiful girl, and we are glad she gets to be our loved family member, and never has to worry about getting dumped like her mother was.

Tammy the Tabby Cat

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