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Jacky the Ginger Tabby
Name: Jacky
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ginger Tabby
Home: Rhineland Palatinate, Germany
   Jacky is the best cat in the world because he is so sweet. He's really big and he sleeps 18 hours of the day. Sometimes Jacky has a fight with other cats, but that's not so funny.

     Jacky is my first cat but we do have another cat. Jacky and Pitu used to live together. Jacky lives with us because an old woman who used to own them was allergic to cats. So the woman gave him to us, along with Pitu. Jacky doesn't play games because he is too big. He think he is too grown up for kitten games. This is the story of Jacky. I love him.

Jacky the Ginger Tabby
Jacky the Ginger Tabby
Jacky the Ginger Tabby

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