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Biscuit the Russian Blue/Siamese Mix
Name: Nifty Biscuit
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Russian Blue/Siamese Mix
Home: Tennessee, USA
   I first took notice of Biscuit by the tiny paw-prints in the dust on things in my car port. After about a week, I got my first glimpses of a bright eyed gray kitten, looking secretive but curious, and I noticed he was quite skinny. Naturally, being a cat person, I had to become friends with him. So I would find myself outside, sitting on the driveway at 3 am with a can of soft cat food, inching it ever closer each day until I could touch him. He was wary at first of course, but soon came to enjoy the petting, and became quite sociable. I took to calling him Nifty Biscuit, or just Biscuit for short, and he quickly learned his name and would come when I called.

     I found out that he had been living under the back porch, so I set a dish of food and fresh water out for him, and made a nice cozy box of blankets he could sleep in out of the cold. Being around wintertime last year, I was concerned that the box might not be sufficient, so I began bringing him into the back sunroom at night, with a litterbox and his bed in the corner. One night though I couldn't find him, and he didn't turn up the next day either. I started to get a little worried, so I left the sunroom door open a kitty-sized crack at night. Sure enough, after a couple nights there he was, curled up and sound asleep on his bed. After that I closed the door for good, and he became a full-time indoor cat, and I don't think he minds one bit!

     Always the clown, he will follow me around the house all day. When he hears my car pull in the driveway, he will wait at the door for me to come in, and meow until I pick him up. At night though, when it's time for bed, he gets mischievous and plays "hide-and-seek" in attempt to stay up. After being caught however, he's all purrs and cuddles, and expects to be tucked into bed with a belly rub before lights out. From a cautious, skinny feral kitten to a beautiful, healthy indoor cat, I think it's safe to say Biscuit rescued me more than I rescued him.

Biscuit the Russian Blue/Siamese Mix
Biscuit the Russian Blue/Siamese Mix
Biscuit the Russian Blue/Siamese Mix

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