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Harry Potter the Black Tabby
Name: Harry Potter
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Black Tabby
Home: Stoughton, Wisconsin, USA
   My kitty has a lighting bolt on his forehead so that is why we call him Harry Potter. We got him on the character Harry Potter's birthday (July 31st). And although he looks like a tuxedo cat, in the right light, like that second picture, you can see he does have black-on-black tabby markings!

     He was my first cat and likes to sleep on people's knees and he likes to go outside on a leash. He even loves to go on car rides and walks. He is very kind and likes to sleep on clothes and likes to drink his water straight out of the fountain. He is very affectionate and is very kind. He loves to snuggle with his sister Hillary Kitten, who is with him in that photo because they usually are together. We love Harry Potter.

Harry Potter the Black Tabby Harry Potter the Black Tabby Harry Potter the Black Tabby

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