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Red the Cat
Name: Red
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cat
Home: Gateshead, United Kingdom
   When I got Red he was nothing but a tiny little bag of bones. He is special because he has grown into a gorgeous looking cat. It's a real life ugly duckling story right here :). He has grown up to be the most laid back cat I have seen, compared to his sisters who are always up to no good.

     Red is was a rescue kitten, when I recieved him he was so skinny and underweight that I feared he was not going to last, but as you can see, he grew into a beautiful-looking cat. He got his name after a "Final Fantasy VII" character named Red-XIII, not for his color, of course!

     He has a very laid back personality and does not have a bad streak in him. He loves curling up either on your shoulder when sat on the couch or on your lap and always lies next to you when it is bedtime. He loves to play along side his three sisters, especially playing tag, and is the least naughty out of them all. Red's favourite toy is his scratching post, which he spends most of the days rolling around on it. We love him.

Red the Cat Red the Cat Red the Cat

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