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Eddie the Tabby Cat
Name: Eddie
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby Cat
Home: Belfast, Maine, USA
   What makes Eddie special is that he is so loving! Eddie was born to a feral momma the very day that I had to have my first cat, Frisky put to sleep. He was born in a feral colony that my sister was feeding and she mentioned it to me. I told her that I wanted a kitten when they were old enough. My sister spent time socializing the kittens so that when I went to pick Eddie out, he didn't seem feral at all. He checked out healthy at the vet's office and is a very sweet boy!

     When he was a kitten, Eddie attacked my feet and loved knocking everything off the coffee table. He still does that at times. Even on hot days, I will find him under the covers. Thirteen months after I brought home, Eddie, I adopted a companion for him, Eli, and they get along well. Eddie makes me smile every day and gives the best head bumps around. Eddie is not shy around strangers, but saves all his affection for me and just a few others.

Eddie the Tabby Cat Eddie the Tabby Cat

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