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Tiberius the British Blue
Name: Tiberius
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: British Blue
Home: Tbilisi, Georgia
   Tiberius is our handsome British Blue. His main activities are sleeping and eating, typical cat!

     He was a gift from a friend. We weren't planning to have a pet and now we love him so much. He's our first pet. He likes to be alone most of the time, and he doesn't like kids. He can sleep all day long and then he'll start playing in the middle of the night with a paper ball and wake up every member of the family.

     We have a hard time going to vet to trim his claws. We lure him in the garden, where he is more vulnerable than in the house, and then take him to vet. You can imagine what happens next. You would think being in the carrier is like torture! Still, once the drama is over and we are back home, all is forgotten - until the next time! But we love our blue boy!

Tiberius the British Blue Tiberius the British Blue

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