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Sadie-Mae the Siamese mix
Name: Sadie-Mae
Age: Deceased, Nineteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Siamese mix
Home: United States
   Sadie-Mae was my little princess for seventeen of her nineteen years. I found her through a newspaper ad back in 2001, before 9/11, when I was living in an apartment, and looking for a second cat. She was the best $25.00 I ever spent, and worth more than gold!!! She was a siamese mix, an "accidental snowshoe," resulting from a siamese mama cat, and a "traveling salescat."

     Sadie was spoiled with love and kisses every day of her life. Before I was married, she helped to fill my emptiness. She was the child I never had. She was unique, as she had been bottle-fed as a tiny kitten when her mother was found dead. ecause of this, she enjoyed being held close, or would lay in my lap for long periods. She was darling, she was sweet with a touch of Meezer sassiness. She went through so much with me; buying my first home, getting married, losing my parents, leaving behind my corporate job.

     Her life was beautuful, as was her death. As I held her and cried before her shot, she reached out and touched my face with her paw more than once to comfort me. It will never be good-bye, because she was my heart. I have never had such a deep bond, and don't expect to ever share my life with another like her. She was so special, and I will remember her as long as I live.

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