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Molly the Tuxedo Shorthair
Name: Molly
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tuxedo Shorthair
Home: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
   Molly is such a sweet cat. Always gives a meows that sounds like hello when you go near her. She comes to bed with us for strokes and cuddles, and lies between us when we watch tv for attention. She has such a cute, femine feline face. Sometimes she flips over for belly rubs on on her soft white belly. Such a soft natured cat.

     You know the green plastic milk bottle tops you get with semi-skimmed milk? She loves the sound of those and loves to bat them around the house, and stalk them from behind furniture and pounce on them. Then she will pick them up in her paws and stick them in her mouth then carry them to me, like a dog would bring a ball. Whenever I go in the bath she comes into the bathroom, gives me a meow then sits beside the bath for strokes then lies down and goes to sleep. Another thing she does, is if we even start to walk up the stairs, she comes racing past at full speed, into the bathroom, onto the loo then into the basin and stands there calling for us to turn the tap on for a drink. She's not a cat you could pick up and cuddle, but if shes lying down already, she will let you stroke and pet her all day and purr so loud with a cute 'chirp' when she is really happy.

Molly the Tuxedo Shorthair Molly the Tuxedo Shorthair Molly the Tuxedo Shorthair Molly the Tuxedo Shorthair

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