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Pawsey the Manx, the Cat of the Day
Name: Pawsey
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Manx
Home: Watsonville, California, USA
   Pawsey is about twelve, and he is a manx (a cat born without a tail). He is special because I've had him since I was three - it was after my dog died. The dog used to ride in the front of the boat. After a few months of feeding a hissing, scratching, mangy fur ball, he became more docile. One day, when my dad went on the canoe, he jump on it and sat at the front; just like my old dog.

     He is an outside cat, but in the later years, he has been more dependent on humans. He is more independent than most cats still, and he "prunes" his coat so well that it looks like it's brushed. He doesn't know tricks, though. I think he does sense feelings, though; he rubs against my leg when I'm sad. He likes to sit outside with me and get his chin rubbed. I love him, he is very special to me.

Pawsey the Manx, the Cat of the Day

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